Muay Thai Boxing Photography by Michael Seamans

Oct. 4, 2021-Feb. 18, 2022

Michael Seamans and his photography

"These images were made over the course of six trips to Thailand between 2016 and 2019," said Seamans. "I was at a creative low point in my life when I began to spend time in the working Muay Thai Gyms in Bangkok. I had traveled to Thailand to train at these gyms, not document them, but I was quickly inspired by the boxers, trainers and characters who populate them and knew I needed to try and capture what I could. I had fallen away from my life as a photographer. I didn't even travel with a camera at that time, but after a few days in Bangkok I went to the 7-11 and bought a disposable 35mm camera to try and photograph some of what was around me with little success. When I returned in 2016 I brought with me a proper camera set up, and began immersing myself into this world through my camera. In Thailand, Muay Thai is a profession, not a hobby. It is a way for boxers to earn money for themselves and their families. Young boxers will move to Bangkok and live at gyms where they go to school during the day and then train at night, usually competing monthly to send money back home to the villages they call home. Inside these gyms they find camaraderie, mentorship, and make enduring bonds." - Michael Seamans

Michael Seamans graduated from Shady Side Academy in 2001. He has a lifelong love of photography and the arts but has dedicated his life to entrepreneurship. He lives and works in Pittsburgh, where he co-owns Fungus Books and Records in Regent Square and SKN Muay Thai Gym in Larimer.

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