Student Productions


Senior School Fall Play 2018: Oedipus RexWhether they go on to become performers or patrons of the arts, Shady Side Academy students gain an appreciation for the beauty, freedom of expression, and diversity that the performing arts celebrate.

The Hillman Center serves as the primary performing arts classroom for SSA Senior School students in grades 9-12, and as a performance venue for students in grades PK-12. Students also enjoy school-day performances and speakers in the Hillman.


Performances are Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, November 3 – 12 
Peter R. Kountz Black Box

Macbeth is a gripping 90-minute curated by the Globe Theatre and its resident company. It was created specifically for young people but is the perfect introduction to Shakespeare for people of all ages.

On a deserted battlefield, three witches appear to a loyal warrior Macbeth. They tell his fortune and predict his future. This startling encounter unleashes a devastating chain of events that will see him crowned king and use any means necessary to hold on to his power, as the world collapses around him.

This production includes the use of theatrical fog.